Is the way we make fun of teenage girls sexist?


Thea Boulter, Writer

Over the year of 2019, the app TikTok, formerly, has gained back it’s popularity. The app is fun to use and addicting, but with the rise of TikTok, there’s been a rise in sexism. I’ve noticed that several of the most popular trends are jokes making fun of teenage girls style. Although some of the jokes are funny, eventually you realize that every  joke is directed at women. 

The most recent joke would be about “vsco” girls. Vsco is an editing app and these girls are basically just the “basic” girl. They carry around Hydro Flask water bottles, have a Fjall raven Kanken backpack, have their hair in a messy bun, wear oversized baggy t-shirts and birkenstocks. Also, supposedly they say “sksksks” and “and i oop”. I found jokes about them funny at first, but now I see how people just hate them because of their personal style. Some people have taken these “joke” so far as to hate them, not just joking about them. If it were just vsco girls who were made fun of, I wouldn’t consider it sexism, but this has happened two other times.

Earlier in the year, at the beginning of spring, “soft” girls were made fun of. Soft girls are basically just kind girls who wear bright colours and are always happy. Soft girls were not made fun of at the same level, most people were in support, but some hated soft girls and loved soft boys. Then we go back to the end of 2018 to the start of 2019, and we see “e-girls”. E-girls are known as “emo” girls, mostly dressed in black and have little hearts under their eyes. They might have dyed hair or other similar things. The trend back then was to become e-girls, although it was mostly just making fun of them. They would be ridiculed for their personal style. But that’s not all, e-girls were made fun of while e-boys were praised. Some e-boys gained thousands to even millions of followers. Their support comes from young teens and preteens, generally of the age 10-13, who think they’re attractive. 

This shows what our society is like. Most women are made fun of for doing the exact same thing boys do. Women and girls are ridiculed and watched, every move they make must be thought through. The way we dress, the way we act, what we do, how we talk; it’s all being judged. We are either sl*ts or prudes, we show too much skin or not enough skin. When we are mad we are too emotional and are called b*tches. Hopefully, in the future, this can change. Our society needs to realize that what we are saying is not acceptable and is sexist despite the fact that they’re jokes.