What is a VSCO girl?

What is a VSCO girl?

Bridgette Hunt, Writer

VSCO on the surface appears to be a simple, paid-subscription photo editing app. But for many teenagers, it is much more; it’s a personality trait, a lifestyle, and a religious experience. For some, a VSCO girl may be inspiration for their next outfit, next photoshoot, but for most, she’ll end up the subject of mockery. Although VSCO girls have become a laughing stock for the internet, it started as a popular phenomenon on the eponymous application. 

Defined by their surplus of scrunchies, the Hydro Flask plastered with stickers they attach to their Fjällräven brand backpacks, accented with puka shell jewelry and tied together with an ensemble of loose clothes that resembles overflowing trash bags more than it does typical fashion. However, the trend runs deeper than alternative fashion choices ranging from choice language modifiers, such as “SKSKSKSK”, a string of onomatopoeia used to emote, being applicable to nearly all feelings, to a common phrase, stemming from a video of Drag Queen Jasmine Masters in the middle of talking, before abruptly halting and stating “and I oop” while shooting a blank glance toward the camera. 

The trend may have been born within a VSCO subculture, but was popularized by 17-year-old YouTube vlogger Emma Chamberlain. A girl followed by masses of young teenagers, idolizing her semi-horrifying habits (an obsessive legion of messy teens could possibly spell doom for our society in the future) including, but not limited to, caffeine addiction, lack of personal hygiene (Chamberlain often will comment on not having showered for a week), and being a High-school dropout*. Chamberlain matches the typical stereotype of a VSCO girl, with an added bonus of generally weird vibes.

VSCO girls may have only recently appeared, but based on current pop-culture trends, they will likely remain a staple sector of the internet for years to come, akin to the emo and goth styles of the early 2000’s, only to fade away into irrelevance at some point in the future, as all aspects of culture eventually do.

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*  Chamberlain has stated that she completed school online, but not prominently enough for her majority of her young fans to know.