Actor’s Studio Spotlights New Talent

Actor's Studio Spotlights New Talent

Are you bored? Eager to try something extraordinary? Interested in seeing some outstanding young talent? If so, visiting the Kelowna Actor’s Studio is a great place to start. The Kelowna Actor’s Studio, located on 1379 Ellis St. is a theatre that includes talent from all kinds of age groups. There are many actors who are involved, and even more crew who ensure that every task is done right. The studio performs pieces such as Les Misérables, Rent, Shrek the musical, Shirley Valentine and many more. Not only is it a place to watch stage performances, but you can also take classes to learn how to become a better actor.

I spoke with Josh Donaldson, volunteer for the studio. He explained that his favourite job is stage manager. The stage manager runs tech, organizes set changing crews, calls the show, and makes sure everything runs smoothly. The stage manager also communicates to the production team exactly what the director wants, and it is up to him to make sure it happen. Josh also helps with programming lights, and he loves it. He also does a little bit of acting, but prefers to stay behind the scenes.  Despite all of the fun jobs, Josh says, “The best part about Actors Studio is the people.” Josh—like everyone at the studio—is very passionate about his work. He made it very clear that he’s not in it for the money, or fame, but the rewarding feeling of a successful night. “One of the most rewarding things is…opening night, when the first show just goes nice and smooth, it’s a perfect show, and the audience loves it,” he said.  “It’s so rewarding when people appreciate what you do.”  People at the Actor’s Studio seem to exude this sentiment, and Josh strongly recommends that anyone interested in acting or theatre in general should consider joining, as everyone is welcome to become part of the family. For more information visit the Actor’s Studio website click here.

Les Miserable opens on October 23rd. Students get %50 off at the door. Just show up with your student ID. But, be careful! They might be sold out.