Machete Crew takes Italy by storm


Pietro Arrigoni, Writer

Machete Crew dropped the Machete Mixtape 4 in the summer of 2019, considered by many the album of the year, this album has been taking Itay by storm. Who really is behind this project that many consider a masterpiece? Machete Crew is composed by rappers Salmo, Nitro, Lazza, Hell Raton, Slait and Jack The Smoker, but for this mixtape they were helped by rappers Massimo Pericolo, Gemitaiz, Fabri Fibra, Beba, Tedua and Shiva, mixing old school rap with the new wave. 

This album is considered by many to be so good because of the variety of styles and rappers that were able to participate in the project, attracting multiple generations of fans. In the mixtape, there are many songs where old school rappers who have made the history of Italian rap share a track with young rappers who have just started to blow up. A prime example is the song “Star Wars” that sees Fabri Fibra, who has been rapping since the early 2000s, share the track with Massimo Pericolo. They are both very good rappers, but have two very different styles. However, the two styles mix perfectly on this track by bringing Fabri Fibra’s lowkey smooth lines and Massimo Pericolo’s energetic rap together to create a really great song that many consider one of the best of the mixtape. 

Not only does this mixtape confirm that the icons of the Italian rap scene “still got it”, but it also gives young rappers a chance to prove themselves when it matters, and it’s fair to believe that they did a great job at it. Rappers like Shiva, who is only 18, got a chance to show what he’s made of and he did an awesome job at it by spitting one of the best verses on the Mixtape. Young dj Tha Supreme, who is only 17, did a superb job to bring his fresh beats and his amazing vocals in the Mixtape on the songs “No Way” and “Doppiogang”. 

With some original beats, good features, big name artists participating, and the ability to reach multiple fanbases and generations of rap fans, it was only a matter of time before Machete Mixtape 4 went platinum; proving everyone that the Italian rap scene needs the Machete Crew more than they need the scene.