The Wonderful World of Theatre: The Count of Monte Cristo


Olivia Hunchak, Staff Writer

Lights, Camera, Action! This past week at Kelowna Secondary was a big one, not just because of the hussle and bustling school but more so because The Night Owl Theatre’s spring show was in full blossom. This year the actors and actresses of Kelowna Secondary took on the story of The Count of Monte Cristo a story of revenge, power, love, and passion.

The play follows the Count of Monte Cristo as his story takes us through a journey of helping the dishonored after being wrongly imprisoned himself years before. The actors and actresses of Kelowna Secondary not only fully embodied the characters but they also pushed their skills to the limit by truly taking into account the way of speech for the given time period, as well seducing the audience with the power of their skills.

Not only was the acting suburb in the sense of the way the actors fell into their roles but the staging and lighting as well as the transitions between scenes were flawless. The lighting not only kindled your senses into the play but it also took you into their world. The world that the actors so bravely took ahold of. With props galore and seamless transitions from the backstage crew the play took off with flying colors.

The amount of effort that went into producing this play could be seen through and through. The actors and crew putting in numerous hours to try and transport the audience back into 1815 while also taking us on a journey into the lives of the characters. Mrs. Elliot, the mastermind of the operations over at The Night Owls Theatre did an incredible job of making the story come to life. With her expertise and passion for the arts she used her creativity and love for drama to create a world for all who saw the show to enjoy. And for that she deserves a big thank you, for acting and the productions not only take us out of the real world and transport us into the worlds of beloved characters and story telling but it also gives space for positivity and light for those who need it.

The Count of Monte Cristo, was brilliantly pulled off by all the actors and actresses as well as backstage crew and wouldn’t have been so magical without them. And with many of the senior actors leaving the school this upcoming June, this was a beautiful way to end their time in the Night Owl Theatre. With an amazing cast alongside the ever so talented Mrs. Elliot, the drama program really does know how to put on a show and here at Kelowna Secondary we are thrilled to be involved and to have a place so welcoming and so warm that has the ability to take us into the world of imagination. Keep up the flawless work!