Stomach for champions

Stomach for champions

Gavynne Adame, Staff Writer

Do you like traveling? Most people love the idea of traveling but they don’t realize that that would mean you have to get out of your comfort zone and and force yourself to try various things. It means leaving the comfort of your home and not eating the same things as you would if you were at home.

Philippines is a country of 7 641 islands located in southeast Asia with a population of 108 106 310 people. The food in the Philippines requires a specific taste and is definitely not for cautionary. This summer I went to the Philippines to visit where my parents grew up and have a better connection with the country I was born in. During this trip I ate foods I would have never even thought of eating. Some were squishy, bloody, slimy, sizzling and all different kinds of things that sound gross but are actually not bad.

Filipino cuisine is made of 144 distinct ethnolinguistic groups found throughout the Philippine archipelago. While I was there I ate some weird food, but they were the common food that everyone eats.

One of the most interesting foods I saw and tried to eat was Balut, Balut is a filipino delicacy that is a fertilized duck egg. I couldn’t get over the fact of eating a fertilized duck egg so I didn’t eat much of it but it didn’t taste bad. My parents first gave me some before telling me what it was and I thought it tasted pretty good but once they told me I had a feeling of yuck. I guess it was due to knowledge of knowing what I ate that made me feel kind of grossed out.

The most interesting foods that is practically a delicacy and is hugely popular is Dinuguan. Another name for Dinuguan is pigs blood stew, now just because it’s sounds gross and looks really nasty it doesn’t mean it tastes bad. The first couple of times I tried this, I was unaware of what was in the stew but after quite a while my parents finally told me and my immediate reaction was a feeling of disgust. It was too late for me to not like it because I got so used to the taste.

Overal,l I’ve come to the realization that filipino food is not for the weak, and the best way to eat filipino food is by not knowing what you’re eating. I just want to say that the two foods I talked about above are just one of the many other amazing foods they have because they have o=various types of foods that look appealing and taste incredible.