Homework Is Hell for the Teenage Brain

Homework Is Hell for the Teenage Brain

Rachael Porter, Staff Writer

Homework is something that has been dreaded by teenagers for a long, long time. However, it has become a very large source of stress in the most recent generations. Is it just laziness (as many Baby Boomers would assume), or is there something more serious behind it?

According to a survey done at KSS, in a Journalism 10-12 class, 78% of the respondents said that they felt highly stressed or anxious about the impending deadlines surrounding homework. That is an insanely high percentage. Also, about 67% of students said that they felt they would feel better doing homework in a classroom. This may be a bit of a surprise to some, but a huge cause of stress for teenagers is when they don’t have help available when they need it. The point is, stress and anxiety has become commonplace in today’s society, and if it continues for much longer, students run the risk of developing many medical or mental health issues.

High levels of stress and anxiety can lead to heart disease, asthma, obesity, migraines, and many other serious health problems. To simplify the issue even more, this means that homework, and all stress related to homework, can be directly related as the cause of permanent risks to a student’s health. It’s absolutely abhorrent that in some schools, upwards of two hours of homework are assigned per night, when numerous scientific studies state what health issues it causes.

One of the more minor problems is the possibility of future optical issues. It is no secret that the world is very technologically run nowadays, and the increasing problem of deforestation is a huge source of that. Homework, for the most part, is now all online. Multiple studies have shown that the newer generations liking of technology, along with increased screen time, causes serious sight issues. Adding on the fact that now these teenagers are being assigned an average of 1 ½  hours of homework, per night? That is only going to make these problems even worse.

Another major issue that comes along with these large amounts of homework, is the loss of sleep. An article by the Nationwide Children’s Hospital states that adolescents these days are not receiving the amount of sleep that they require, which has been determined to be 9 ¼ hours per night. The average teenager only receives between 7 to 7 ¼ hours of sleep per night. Two out of the three causes that the hospital cites are school related. The first was early high school start times, and the second was social and school obligations. Among those obligations are homework and other extra-curricular activities.

According to the same survey completed at KSS, 67% of the participants stated that they often lost sleep over completing homework. What this means, is that the youths of today are being taught that their schoolwork is being prioritized over their own health. Teaching impressionable children that work>health, is going to have a detrimental effect on their adulthood. Too many teens are already burning the candle at both ends, and that candle is bound to run out sooner, if they continue like this.

Something that would prevent so much homework from being given out, is if the teachers allotted time within school to complete it. By “time within school”, it means legitimate time (20-30 minutes perhaps), not, “oh, we have three minutes. You’d better get started on your homework!” That second quote is something that many students are sure to have heard before. The point is, giving students work to do that will help them practice is all fine and good, but the minute that it starts getting assigned outside of class, things start going wrong.

To recap, the amounts of homework that adolescents are being given are incredibly harmful to them, and should not be tolerated any longer. It has been proven time and time again, and now it is time for the school system to do something about it.








(Also the results of my survey) https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZNKHPQD