Simply put: cats are better than stupid dogs


Jane Burton

British Shorthair blue kitten, Taz, wearing a mortar board hat

Amanda Thode, Staff Writer

Cats are highly intelligent creatures. Anyone who says otherwise is just plain wrong. The timeless debate of cats versus dogs has gone on far too long and it’s time to show everyone on the wrong side (dogs) why they are wrong.

If a domestic cat needs to go to the bathroom they go in a litter box and they bury their fecal matter with soft little wifts of their paws. Dogs on the other hand are too dumb to be able to clean up after themselves and have to be let out and their owners have to deal with it all. Cats also often attempt to clean up their own vomit if they suffer from excretion from the mouth. Even though they do not accomplish much, they still try to clean it up by attempting to dig at the ground around it like they do with fecal matter. Dogs don’t even seem to realize what happened and try to eat it. Which shows how stupid they are because ew.

Cats also are able to recognize that humans are different creatures than them. They see a human and understand that a human is just a big dumb creature that is different of them. Dogs see humans and think that they’re just bigger, dumber, less furry dogs. Which is dumb.

Cats have a very similar brain structure to humans, with 90% of it being similar. The cerebral cortex of the human brain (which is the area that most information is processed in) contains 14 to 16 billion neurons. Cats have 300 million neurons in the cerebral cortex, where as dogs only have 160 million. Because cats have more neurons firing in their little brains, they obviously have to be smarter.

Cats also have incredible memories. Go talk to a friend with a cat and they will most likely tell you that their cat can easily find specific rooms in their house. In my personal experience, my cats know where they need to go for certain things. Such as knowing what room their food and water is in; knowing where their litter box is; and knowing exactly where my room is and when someone is going there. My one cat specifically will run up to my door if anyone is going up there, knowing she will be let in. She is also able to find our house from far distances, she used to be an outdoor cat and always went outside all day, exploring the forest near my house I’m guessing, and everytime she went out she knew how to get back and she knew to be back before a certain time to be let back in during the night, which was just before we went to sleep.

My cat also knows what to do to get let out of my room, if I’m asleep she will make noise or something to wake me up knowing that in doing so she will get let out. Or she will see me standing up and go to the door knowing I will let her out.

These are just a few examples on why cats are smarter than dogs, obviously there are millions of other reasons why cats are smarter, but that would take years to read.