Basic Fashion Trends Corrupt KSS


Left; Malcom Greggor Right; Jaeda Easton

You’re getting ready in the early morning for school, and you pull on a bland, lifeless outfit to present yourself to the world. Now, what’s the problem with that? We live in a generation where fashion is easily accessible, you can surf the web and acquire your desired look within minutes. If that’s economically unrealistic for you, we have plenty of local thrift shops and second hand stores to fulfill your needs. But instead, we find ourselves in a school filled with boring, identical outfits, originating from horrid trends. Why is this a problem, you might ask, well from the point of view from an enjoyer of original style, it’s insulting, uninspiring, and disappointing.

I believe that fashion is one of the most fascinating forms of expression, giving stylists a way to show their personality through garments. To me, it feels almost wasteful that such a beautiful artform goes unused by the common teenager at KSS. The average KSS classroom holds 25-30 students, and in each class of mine, I counted an average of six original dressers in each class. And of those six, subjectively I found that 2-3 actually had a nice style.

What does this mean? Does the common student believe that their champion hoodie is a fashion statement? Do they consider ripped skinny jeans trendy? How can you justify wearing the same conceptual outfit every day, matching with over half of the school?

I spoke with Grade 11 common trend lover; Jaeda Hall-Easton to attempt attainment of an understanding on basic fashion fiends.

Subjectively, Jaeda dresses slightly better than the average KSS student. She stated that her most commonly worn outfit is “‘Mom’ jeans with a red unmarked hoodie” I would let this outfit fall into the basic column, considering there’s nothing popping out to me that would incline me to think otherwise. Another statement that had me convinced she was basic, was “She [biggest fashion inspiration] was Summer Mckeen” Summer Mckeen is a popular social media influencer with a (subjectively) bland style. Jaeda gave me a perspective from a subject who cares about their style, yet perhaps is too timid to present themselves in statement pieces and such. Or perhaps Jaeda genuinely enjoys the casual style she presents herself with.

I spoke with one of KSS’ most prized basketball players, Malcom Greggor to hear the perspective of a teenage boy who’s priorities don’t seem related to fashion.

Malcom often presents himself in rather typical garments, nothing specifically standing out. He told me his average outfit consists usually of “Black ripped jeans, with a T-shirt (with a logo).” Suitingly, he wore this outfit precisely during our conversation. Keep in mind, Malcom admits he’s not hot for style, by stating he spends “Five minutes after the shower” on picking an outfit. It’s understandable why Malcom frets minimally about his style, for he spends almost all of his time playing basketball. Therefore, it’s also quite possible that he just doesn’t have any spectacular interest in garments. Speaking with Malcom gave me insight from the point-of-view in which the subject doesn’t care to dress to the nines. The subject hardly concerns themselves with fashion, which is comprehensible.

After viewing through the eyes of two different common trend followers, I can understand the reasoning behind the lack of originality. I can see that it’s not always prioritized to other teens who are uninterested in their style. That said, after this research, I’ve discovered why basic fashions linger KSS, although I’ve yet to respect those lacking stylistic originality.