Simply put: dogs are better than cats


Cole McEwan, Staff Writer

An age old debate. Since the beginning of time, humans have been picking favourites. A caveman’s favourite rock. A knight’s favourite horse. But in modern times, our horizons have expanded exponentially. It’s no longer adequate to simply debate which horse is better–now we pit species against one another.

The most common debate involves two popular domestic animals, cats and dogs. Felines and canines are fundamentally different, in the way they behave, present themselves and expect from their owner. Instead of arguing what is better in general, we should focus on what is better for you. Maybe someone who doesn’t get enough physical love from the others around them would click better with a dog, but someone more closed off would enjoy the quiet companionship of a cat.

Cats and dogs each have their own advantages and disadvantages, but there is one department that the dogs pull vastly ahead of their opponents. When was the last time you saw a service cat? A police cat? A drug sniffing cat? In terms of usefulness, there isn’t a single species on the planet that can challenge the dog. Is it thanks to their trainability that they are so helpful? Or perhaps their loyalty that makes us trust them with our lives. Even their natural traits help them–their unparalleled sense of smell, or their agility that allows them to outpace any human by a longshot.

The difference in intimidation is dramatic as well. A German Shepherd foaming at the mouth will be scarier than any house cat you could imagine. Perhaps the question should be reframed:  not a matter of preference, but of usefulness. In this sense, the simple cat is left in the dust of the glorious doggy.

Dogs have saved lives, sniffing through the rubble of a collapsed building in search of trapped survivors. While this absolute hero of an animal rescues humans, recompensed solely by a pat on the head and a “good boy”, the house cat wreaks havoc upon your fish tank, playing god with their little paws.

I leave you with one single message: When was the last time a cat did anything good for humanity.