Why is Switzerland the greatest country in the world?


Joshua Lundquist, Opinion Writer

One reason is because they have a very high standard of living and they have very good health care for each and every one of their citizens. They also have many rights such as a right to self-protection which is ingrained in their constitution. Switzerland has one of the best militaries.  They protect the pope and they have been neutral in every war for the last 200 years.

Switzerland has a health insurance health care system where everyone gets paid subsidies by the government to pick their individual health insurance provider which leads to shorter  wait times at an individual hospital and the hospitals are not government-run. When things are government-run generally they don’t work as well  as when they’re in the private sector and when the government subsidizes the individual citizen to have the health care where they choose and not where the government forces them to generally makes it better for the patients and for the health care providers and hospitals.

Switzerland has had a neutral military for over 200 years they have not entered into World War 1 or any other war in recent history.  They also protect the pope from any threats.  The Swiss guard the pope at the Vatican which is a Swiss run taskforce that protects the pope to join this task force you must be a male and a Swiss citizen.  To be a Swiss guard member you have to be a Swiss citizenandan unmarried Roman Catholic male between 19 and 30 at least five foot eight or 1.74 m tall.  They must have a professional diploma or high school degree and must complete basic training with the Swiss military.

Firearms legislation in Switzerland allows people to buy semi-automatic rifles and handguns if they are a permanent resident or citizen. Concealed Carry permits are given out rarely but Switzerland has the highest number of gun owners in Europe, third in the world.  To get a handgun in Switzerland you need a acquisition license for carrying of handguns you need a license of carrying of any firearm for defensive purposes. Swiss soldiers may have their issued weapons at their home without ammunition. About a hundred twenty thousand soldiers are permitted to have their weapons at their homes. All Army ammunition is stored at the central arsenal’s. The sale of automatic weapons are banned just like the United States and the rest of the first world. 1 and 4 Swiss citizens have a gun.  Yes, the Swiss people have a long ways to go with gun ownership and gun rights; they still are one of the most relaxed on the people’s right to have guns.

These are only a few reasons why Switzerland is one of the greatest countries in the world but they have a long way to go. They need to have fixes on their gun laws and possibly on their Healthcare and give their people more rights and help their people to be able to protect themselves from enemies foreign and domestic. It is a right to protect yourself and the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness which is guaranteed in Switzerland with their Healthcare but not making it so that it’s universal, making it so it’s privatized.