Technology is Changing the World

Technology is Changing the World

Joel Worman, Staff Writer

A century ago, the internet was not even a figment of the imagination. Now, most people struggle trying to last one day without it.

The internet and technology have become such a part of our regular lives. If you have a question, everyone tells you to just Google it. Being able to find answer this way is much easier and faster than going to the library to look something up. This ease of access has made people in society impatient and often lazier. If you are bored, people tell you to surf the web or play a computer game. Teachers at every school use technology to teach their students. Projects are assigned on Google Classroom, assignments are handed in online, and marks are kept on computers. Presentations are shown on screens, contact between the schools and parents is by email or phone. Technology is a key part of life now, especially in school.

Learning how to use technology when in school is vital to doing well in the world. In the real world, jobs are now involving the use of technology and employers expect you to know the skills already. Even though many people might hate doing less hands-on work, schools are teaching the important skills. The world is changing and learning to adapt is also an integral part to become successful in life. New jobs now exist including jobs related to social media, website creating, coding, and making videos for other people to watch. Even most jobs in industries like construction now use technology to some extent when paying bills and when keeping in touch with others. Architects that used to draft plans by hand are now beginning to use computer programs. Even job applications are trending towards being all online! If youth can’t use technology properly, they will struggle in life. When teachers get students to use technology in school, it prepares them for becoming an integral part of the workforce after graduation.

On the flip side, imagine if modern technology quit working. Airplanes and ships use technology to navigate. Flights would be halted, meaning travellers would be stuck and goods would not get delivered. Teachers would lose their marks and have to go back to the old way of teaching without technology. New, modern cars would be unable to even run. Hundreds of millions of people would no longer have a job because they work in the technology sector. Companies would lose all of their records, meaning workers might not get paid. Banking records would be lost because they are kept mostly online.

In 2003, the biggest power outage in North America happened. Northeast Canada and the United States went without power for up to 2 days! Almost 50 million people had no power. Throughout the power outage, $6 billion dollars of damage was caused and 11 people officially died. Unofficially, there was a spike in deaths due to existing health problems because of asthma and heart attacks. The need for technology caused a few other deaths during the outage. A few of the fatalities came when people used generators to have power in their homes. They died due to carbon monoxide poisoning in their own homes, just because they wanted to use a computer or have air conditioning.  

Another issue is that technology can be hacked. As recent as 2014, Yahoo had a data breach where 3 billion accounts were compromised. All their information had been taken by the hackers. People trusted this technology too much and could now be easily scammed. This is another issue with technology.

Learning how to use technology is important, however we rely on it too much. Systems of transportation, keeping records, etcetera that don’t use technology should be put in place in case all technology is made void. That way, the world will still be able to function if technology breaks down. Having a backup plan and not becoming fully reliant on technology is important. Learning how to use technology as well as do hands-on work in schools is great and prepares you for the challenges of the real world. This relatively new invention of technology has begun to take the world by storm and learning how to use it is necessary to be successful in life.