Skolstrejk för Klimatet


Puala Busse, Science & Technology

The polar caps are melting. The oceans are getting polluted. Garbage is all over the world. Animals are dying, humans are getting sick, plants are dying out. Global warming is everywhere.  And Trumps says, it is all a big lie, the climate change would not exist. He is 72 years old, the president of the United States and a billionaire.

The 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, who lives  in Stockholm in Sweden, was protesting against politicians, who do not take the climate change seriously. When Greta was 12 years old, she stopped eating meat, and she promised she would never fly on a plane in her life. She is scared that her world will not be the same for her children and grandchildren because of governments not doing  enough to prevent climate change. As she continued to protest for weeks in front of the Swedish parliament, more and more people joined her. And their voices were heard all over the world.

Since  Greta’s movement  started in August 2018, 70,000 students all over the world will be  taking part in 270 different cities. In January, 30,000 German students protested against the ignorance of the global warming in 50 different cities. On February the 8th, UK students, many  still in middle school, joined the global strike over climate change crisis.

Climate change is a scary transformation, but ignoring it is not an option. Global warming is real. Every human being has a responsibility for our planet and should be aware of hurting the environment. Good ways to help the nature not getting worse every second are eating less meat, using your own water bottles instead of buying three plastic bottles every day, try to get fresh food, which is not wrapped in plastic, walk or take your bike instead of the car. Everything helps.