Toynbee Tiles Still Mystify


Payton Irvine, Editor

They’ve appeared all around America and even South America. They have been found in Philadelphia, New York, Kansas City, Boston, D.C. and parts of South America. Who is the creator of these incredibly confusing and intriguing pieces of artwork?

The tiles have been appearing since the early eighties. They vary in sizes and colours but generally all say the same thing. Why is the alleged tiler creating these mysterious tiles and what is the message they are trying to send? In the documentary Resurrect Dead, Justin Duerr, Colin Smith and Steve Weinik investigate the mystery of the Toynbee tiles. They discover three key suspects, Railroad Joe, Sevy Verna and James Morasco. Throughout the documentary, the fanatics continuously come across evidence leading them to the conclusion that the illusive tiler was Sevy Verna. The three men attempt to talk to and meet Sevy but soon realize they will most likely never succeed. Sevy Verna had been traumatized by a previous neighbour which has caused him to be very cautious. His neighbour was drunk and frustrated that Sevy was playing music at odd hours of the night so his neighbour broke into his home in the middle of the night and put a knife to Sevy’s throat. This frightening event caused the poor man to be very skeptical and scared of everyone, certainly Justin and his friends who wanted to question Sevy’s motive and reason for planting the tiles.

Near the end of the documentary, Justin Duerr believes he has encountered the famed tiler, Sevy, on a city bus one evening. Justin makes a split second decision to not confront Sevy and just let him be. He chooses to leave the man alone and let the mystery live on versus gaining closure. As of today the incredible tiles are still being discovered all over the globe; the reason behind the tiles is currently unknown.