One Star Rises, Another Falls: A Star is Born Movie Review

One Star Rises, Another Falls: A Star is Born Movie Review

Jack from A Star is Bornsays, “Music is essentially twelve notes between any octave. Twelve notes and the octave repeats. It’s the same story told over and over.” The same could be said for A Star is Born. The original version of the movie was released in 1937, and since then there have been many renditions. Now I can’t speak for the other renditions, but as for the one starting Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, I can say that it was a masterpiece. Few movies keep me engaged throughout, and even fewer evoke real emotion within me.  A Star is Borndid both. Furthermore, the movie managed to tell a complex love story dealing with themes like mental health, marriage, alcoholism, co-dependency and fame.

The first rule of going to the movies is tonever have high expectations. However, if I’m going to pay over $15 for something my expectations are going to be high. I’d been hyping up this movie for over a year. Part of me was prepared for the disappointment because few movies live up to my unrealistic expectations. However, as soon as the lights dimmed and the theatre went silent I knew I was in for something special. The moment I heard Lady Gaga singing in French I almost burst  into tears and I knew that this movie wasn’t just going to meet my expectations but exceed them.

In the movie, the main characterAlly is thrust into the limelight and suddenly everyone wants a piece of her. While ascending to stardom  she’s also trying to navigate her hectic relationship with Jack,a struggling alcoholic. He’s already reached stardom and isdealing with the setbacks that come from being in the limelight, among other demons that have caused him to develop a dependency on alcohol. Throughout the movie, we see Ally’s star rise and Jack’s fall.

From the cinematography, to the editing, to the writing, to the soundtrack, to the acting, everything in A Star is Bornis a masterpiece. That’s not to say that it’s without its faults. y main complaint about the movie was I felt scenes ended too abruptly, and I wanted more. Certainly, that was done on purpose because throughout the movie the two protagonists manage to keep a layer of privacy, . much like stars in real life.

In a society prone to idolizing people and the concept of fame this movie is extremely relevant. The movie does a fantastic job of humanizing both Ally and Jackby showing viewers the imperfections of their life and how unreliable fame can be. Despite the title being A Star is Bornthe movie gives much more emphasis to the inner demons that both Ally and Jack struggle with. In the end, the movie shows that stardom isn’t dependent on how many records are sold, but that being a star means finding your voice.