Donald Glover may be the most talented of his generation


Ella Corns, Staff Writer

Donald Glover. Producer, writer and lead of his own show. The star in his own comedy special, song writer, Grammy winner Childish Gambino.  The 35-year old is a multi-talented threat.

Glover’s show Atlantahas a 97%  RottenTomatoes score,  has won theeEmmys and has been nominated for several others. The show itself is about striving rappers in Atlanta and has an almost completely minority cast. He’s also starred in countless movie and TV programs such as the sitcom  Community,Solo: a Star Wars Story, and Spider-man: Homecoming. Glover will also be coming to screen in 2019 with Disney in The Lion King as the voice of Simba. He always delivers a convincing and true to life performance with his performance.

Glover takes creative liberty when it comes to all aspects of his life. He’s an activeplayerin writing his songs and most have a very strong message. His song “The Is America”made history being the first rap song to win song of the year in 2018. The song itself confrontsissues in America and the music video uses graphic imagery alluding to police brutality and black lives matter. Glover has amazing control over his vocal range and a diverse style when comparing his albums. His album ‘Awaken, My Love!’ has higher vocals than his previous albums and an overall more R&B vibe. While his earlier music is more rap/hip-hop, although with “This Is America”he’s venturing back into the genre.

Not only has he accomplished all of the above, Glover is a comedian, with his own stand up comedy special titled ‘Weirdo’ and has also been featured on Comedy Central. Donald is a memorable comedianwho makes you laugh out loud as he tells ridiculous stories with sensational commentary. A specific joke/story that’s particularly unforgettable is his Home Depot gag. Search it up if you’re curious.

Donald Glover deserves more recognition because of his various talents. He never fails to baffle me no matter what project he starts.