Welcome to KSS (parking) – $30 a Class


Ava Dale, Staff Writer

KSS is the home of the Owls, home of the athletes, the mathematicians, the vapers, but most importantly the broke car owning kids who can’t find a parking spot.

KSS is home to  590 senior students with only 159 student parking spots, and unlimited amounts of paid parking passes. If you tally  the number of seniors without cars it will leave you with about a 33% chance of finding a parking space. If you’re unable to find a spot, you can park alongside Raymer road, or in the cul de sac across from the busses, if there’s still room. You then will have an hour before getting a $30 ticket, or worse, towed, so you better hope your teacher is kind enough to let you leave class, every class, to move your car.

There have been petitions to extend the time of the 1 hour parking to meet the needs of the students attending classes that are an hour and fifteen minutes, with no luck. It’s common knowledge that it “isn’t in the budget to build a six million dollar parkade.” The nearest parkade is a 17 minute walk away and in -15 degree weather, what’s the point of spending your entire life earnings on a car? On top of earning part time minimum wage and having it immediately taken away for insurance and gas (teenage shock – bills exist), we can’t afford to risk paying $120 a day in parking tickets. Those of us who didn’t have time to pack a lunch due to homework or work work, are left with no choice than to leave and get food at lunch, as we have no cafeteria. At that point you have virtually no chance of finding parking upon return.

Complaints aside, there are actions to consider taking. One kind neighbour rents a spot in his driveway for $10 a month–, that’s a third of the cost of one class! If we could expand that to more neighbours, that could help about 30 students. Another idea would be to start a shuttle program from the parkade and charge students a small fee.

However, if KSS wins the lottery, please, build a parkade and pay our teachers more for years of students being late due to patrolling the neighbourhood for a spot.