Jack Chapters Advocating for Mental Health

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Jack Chapters Advocating for Mental Health

Gavynne Adame

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5/5 people have mental health. People often get confused between mental health and mental illness they go hand in hand but are very different from each other.

Mental health is the condition of your emotional and psychological well being and on the other hand mental illness are disorders that are affecting your emotional and psychological well being.

In KSS there is a new club focusing on education, access and improving the overall mental health of KSS, the club is called Jack Chapters.

Jack Chapters was started in 2010 by a Eric Windeler after the loss of his son Jack due to suicide when he was 18 years old. After Jack’s death his parents started a memorial fund at Kids Help Phone and eventually the fund grew into the Jack project where they focused on improving youth mental health across Ccanada and fighting the stigma against mental health. In 2010 they held their first Jack ride with 70 friends, volunteers and families to bike and start conversations around mental health.  The Jack ride is the largest Ccanadian ride for youth mental health in addition they provide training, support, funding and swag to young people to help raise awareness in communities.

Jack chapters also hold Jack Talks and Jack Summits, Jack Ttalks invites speakers that are trained to talk about mental health. Jack Summits are a collection of speakers that are trained and prepared to talk about mental awareness.

The Jack chapters in KSS was started by Abby Kiehlbauch a grade 11 student who saw a need for a group to raise mental awareness in the school. Ms. Kiehlbauch has a seat in the foundry and someone brought up Jack chapters in a meeting and later those months she applied to become a member to join Jack chapters and form a club in KSS. In the month of Ddecember Jack Chapter’s and KSS accepted her approval to form a club, not before long she started recruiting passionate people with the same motivation as her and held the first ever Jack Chapters meeting in KSS on January 17 2019.

Ms. Kiehlbauch is a very passionate and motivated student, she started raising awareness for mental health in KSS by putting on a showing for a movie called Angst and it got plenty of good feedback and that helped her jumpstart Jack Chapters in a way.

Every Thursday the Jack chapters in KSS meet up to talk about mental health and ways to advocate in the school; they try to encourage other students to join the Jack community and spread awareness. If you have a passion for advocating about mental awareness, you should consider joining the group because it’s a great way to spread awareness and be a part of something big. As of right now there are only nine students and they are looking for more advocates like them to join Jack chapters and help with events, fundraisers, presentations and many other things. 

Meetings are in room 229 during lunch every Thursday, everyone is welcome to join.

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