Those Crazy Owls


Charlotte hardy, Writer

What does it mean to be a ‘crazy owl’?
To be a ‘crazy owl’ you must show pride in your team. Cheer as loud as possible for the boys and dress to the nines.
As a ‘crazy owl’ at Westerns you are the face of KSS, you represent our school to those visiting. Showing pride in your team not only means cheering for them, but it also means being kind to the opposing teams. The sound of booing really puts people down and ultimately shows poor sportsmanship. Before a team gets a chance to prove their worth of support many people were already going out of their way to put them down. That team came a long way to make this tournament possible and have worked long hard hours to get to where they are.  They deserve respect.
What I’m getting at is that, as a school we need to come together and show the rest of Canada who we are and what we stand for. KSS is a place of diversity and inclusion; definitely a place of love and compassion.  But the ‘crazy owls’ warmth hasn’t transferred to Westerns this–or any prior–year.  Why is that?
Being at a game you get into a mob-like mentality. It’s easy to get caught up in what’s happening and not realize what you are saying.
One anonymous Crazy Owl characterized it this way:  “It’s part of hype.  You get riled up.  Ironically, it comes from being a proud owl and a fan.  Dissing the other team is just part of the spirit of the thing.”  Another CO said, “Basically, it just to get into the other teams’ heads.  It’s not supposed to be too personal.  Some people just take it that way.”
 That may be, but as a school we need to be more conscious of our actions and how we vocalize our feelings.
As children we are taught that, “If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all”, next year hopefully our ‘crazy owls’ will keep that in mind and show better sportsmanship towards the other teams in the tournament.