5 ways to cope with stress in senior year

Ellis Drobot, Student Life

Stress sadly plagues most of us in this day and age. It is more so prominent in grade twelve students because of the constant pressure of everyone asking you who you want to be and how will you infuse your passion to your future career. It is hard to decipher what to do for the rest of your life when you bombarded with tests and essays at every moment.

  1.  The first thing is time management and prioritizing is so important to relieve some stress because it helps you understand what to do when and map it out by written it down and planning. What I do every week, is make a priority list from assignments I have to complete first to ones that are due at a later date. That way everyday you have to complete at least one or two homework assignment daily instead of increasing your anxiety day by day then resulting in terrible effort on the final day of possible completion.
  2. Making a list of things you need to get done is useful for not just students but maybe people who struggle with time management like me for example. I have always struggled with procrastination, I still do but making a list has helped me tremendously.
  3. Now this may sound cliché but getting adequate sleep will help clear you mind and give you better focus the next day instead of pulling an “all nighter” and you do terribly anyways. Going to bed at a  good time also improves your mood which in turn aids in your motivation to complete homework.
  4. Another thing you can do to help yourself is physical activity. It will help boost dopamine levels in the brain so your stress and some anxiety is lessened. If you are dealing with stress as well as a mental illness, that can be very difficult as well. Exercising regularly is an effective way to help many mental illnesses. ADHD, depression, and anxiety can be helped immensely because of the endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine being released when you work out.
  5. The final tip is to get a pet. I find this is one that is absolutely necessary for myself. I have a dog named Wilson and he brings me so much comfort and when he looks at me it reminds me that everyone will be ok even if you are a few assignments behind. Even getting something as small as a hamster or a fish can also help too.

Even though these are some tips that have helped me in recent years, it is important to go get help from anyone you trust and to go seek help to help you get back on track and your road to success.

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