Bones versus nine lives


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Deja Mackie & Tianna Scott, What's Trending writers

We are gathered here today, to discuss one of the most debated topics. Which animal is better cats, or dogs? More specifically, which of those two animals, have a better connection to humans. Because connections are everything! Upon further research, Tianna and I have found plenty of data regarding this subject. Time to get our paws dirty… I hope reading this article won’t be too ruff!

As most people realize, relationships don’t happen overnight. It takes time in order to form that bond. For such a long time, humans and dogs were not compatible. To eat or be eaten was the motto then. Times have changed evidently. “At that time (the relationship) obviously fluctuated,” says Stefan Ziegler, a scientist with the World Wildlife Fund  “Sometimes people ate their dogs and sometimes they just used them as guard dogs and maybe even pets.” A new news study took the stable isotopes of dogs that had perished in earlier Eastern Europe and analysed them. Stable isotopes are based the atoms leftover from the living thing. Those stable isotopes, would be able to tell the researcher a lot about the dogs past. Learning about the environment the being is in, their diet, and other conditions that were experienced. As the humans grew and society became more advanced; the conditions for the dogs were changed. The canines had to adapt, especially around the middle and late stone age. Around then, dogs were domesticated and seen more as pets. This exploration had then showed how even in the earlier ages, dogs still had managed to have a relationship with humans despite their bitter past. Proving that dogs have been the best companions for humans as long as cavemen can remember.

Now that we’ve heard that little dog spiel, it’s time to solve who the real companion is.

According to legend we are always told, the witch has a cat, never a dog, but why is that? Taking it way back into our past cats were always held in the higher esteem, for example in Egypt. In ancient Egypt they worshiped two main cats as a “god” and “goddess” called “Bastet” and “Mafdet”. Bastet was considered half woman, half cat. She was the only female goddess represented by the guardian of domesticated cat. Mafdet was the first feline god and earned his title of a god after the brave slotter of a serpent, with only his claws and became the god of protection. Going a few years down the road Bastet was replaced by a fearsome god known as “Sekhmet”. Sekhmet became higher power due to the fact that he had the body of a cat but had the head of a lioness, leaving Bastet less empowered.  Egyptians started to worship cats because of their usefulness around the house as in protecting them from unwanted creatures such as snakes, and for their “connections” to the gods and goddesses. Cats became domesticated when the egyptians started to feed them, in other words luring them into sticking around for protection. Ever since egyptians domesticated cats they have never been treated as royalty, only fluffy little friends.

Most people say dogs are better due to their interactions and connections shown to humans, but is there stuff that cats do that we don’t necessarily notice? Hopefully these points will open up your mind to how amazing cats are to human kind. Cats truly like to speak to humans, they usually have a lot to say and humans take that as maybe annoying but they could be asking, “what’s for dinner?” “when do we get the play again?” or simply just a “hi, I missed you”. They want your attention and love so when they feel lonely or neglected, they feel the need to meow in order to get your attention. Dogs only talk when wanting to go outside or go for a walk, how selfish is that! It’s proven that cats are good for our well-being and help relieve stress. Have you ever taken the time to notice how cats rub their bodies on your legs or gently place their forehead on yours, it’s all due to how they enjoy making us feel better and are just straight up thankful for us. Even though cats seem as though they don’t show as much affection as dogs, they simply have many subtle yet meaningful ways of showing it.

 It’s said that a dog is a man’s best friend, but are cats going to replace that?