Why can’t girls play in the big leagues?

Mannon Rheaume

Mannon Rheaume

Jamie Watson, Opinion

I grew up playing sports, soccer, basketball, baseball..you name it. From dance to MMA, done it all. Always had a love for getting out on the field and giving it my everything.These past few years I’ve narrowed it down to the two sports Ienjoy the most, fastball and mma. I’ve done mma for five years going on six and fastball for three. It’s always been a goal for me to compete at the highest levels in mma, say ufc. Now that would be insane. As for baseball, I’m unsure what I would set my goal to be, cuz after college ball what is there? Women’s league?. Which brings me to my question, something I’ve always wondered…why don’t women get the opportunity to play in the big leagues? Now don’t say there’s not enough that would play because everyone knows that’s bullshit. But what’s the real reason?

Now I did some research and wasn’t able to find much of a variety of answers; therefore it seems as if they don’t have enough reasoning why women can’t play in the big leagues. Most of what I found was about how women aren’t as strong or fast enough as men, which sounds about right… It’s a fact that men are built stronger than women, but who’s to say women aren’t fast enough. I don’t think having a mixed team with men and women would make a lot of sense, knowing that men are physically stronger than women. Therefore they can swing harder and send the ball in a faster motion for a longer distance, giving them the chance to get farther along the bases…giving them more of an advantage.

As the years go on they are slowly bringing women into the big leagues, for example,  Manon Rheaume who played for Tampa Bay Lightning as a goalie, although she didn’t last very lon At least they gave her a shot and let her live her dream for a short time–the point being the opportunity was there.

I think having a women’s big leagues would be an interesting, very rewarding for many women trying to pursue baseball or any other sports.