Lighting Up The Night

Maddie Liao, Editor


The stories every house in every neighbourhood holds is unimaginable. As the holidays roll around, many families bring out their flashy lights and decorations to display.

Walking around my neighbourhood alone, I can see rows of houses brightly lit with holiday cheer. My neighbourhood is filled with families with parents, children, and even grandparents. It’s amazing to see those people making a day out of decorating and having fun, putting their worries away for a moment. The unity of the households really reflect through the work they put into decorating.

Although most of the decorations are Christmas lights, I can even see some displays of other religions and what those houses celebrate. This is the unique part of the holiday season, how everyone has their own decorations and own layout.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The exterior of the house gives the entire story a cover, and even if there aren’t any flashing lights, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t chapters within the cover. It’s fascinating how complex each home is on the inside, you can’t know what’s inside unless you actually visit it. Even when you visit, there is no way to know every single story that lies within the walls, chapters are being written every second.

The holidays are a time of many emotions, and hopefully it is a joyful feeling for most people. The lights and decorations are a reminder that if you are alone during this time, there are still people all around you who can give extra love.