Taking a Bite of the Big Apple


By Maddie Liao and Charlotte Hardy, Travel writers

Walking around the concrete jungle, eyes wide, jaw slack. New York is the city of dreams, where celebrities, tourists, and locals coexist in harmony. With never-ending sights and new experiences everyday, you can’t help but be awestruck. Everybody experiences things in different ways, no one leaves the same place with the same thoughts.

Movies usually portray New York as this huge, untouchable city with millions of people, shoulder to shoulder on streets. As surreal as the place is, I didn’t expect how much normality there actually was. Maybe it was my already existent experience in a big city, but there definitely weren’t as many people on the streets as I expected. This was a nice surprise and made my impression of the city even more positive than it already was.

There was a drastic difference in the different places around the city. Walking around in Soho had a completely unlike vibe to maneuvering around Times Square. Tourist areas like Broadway and of course, Times Square, are filled with excitement and the bright lights New York is made of. I finally understood what they meant when the city never sleeps when I walked the streets at four in the morning. However, alongside the shine, was I really appreciated how diverse a city could be.

The diversity in New York isn’t just in the physical street itself, but also in the personalities of the streets. There are millions of different stories on just one sidewalk alone, and that’s something absolutely spectacular. The thing about such a cosmopolitan city is that it’s almost impossible to get bored as a visitor. Ultimately, there is always something to discover, and there is an endless amount of things to see. However, to discover those things, you have to surround yourself with the environment, rather than under the ground.

The underground is the heart of a big city, cities like New York need fast and effective transport. Due to sheer size and population New York has invested greatly into their undergrounds. Personally I am not a fan of the tubes, I prefer to walk and experience what is going on around me. Living in the moment and taking in the sights is a huge aspect to NYC, unless you’re in Central Station the tubes are nothing special. What is above you is what is special. The skyline that never ends, the people that are in their own worlds, and the noises and smells that you experience are the most important part of experiencing the city.

While I was in NYC, I walked the length of Manhattan so many times never taking the same path. My main goal was to see and experience as much of the city as possible. By traveling on foot you get a feel of how the locals live, watching from the outside and observing.  Traveling is about experiences of all sizes, the main attractions and all the times inbetween.

Everyone has different experiences, even when they are together in the same place. People’s brains are wired in different ways, therefore they end up taking away different perspectives. The beauty of travelling is that every single person experiences the same place in their own unique way.