Where do you stand on the abortion issue?

Where do you stand on the abortion issue?

Chloe Glackmeyer & Jamie Watson, Opinion writers

Abortion can be viewed under many different lights. There are two main schools of thought. Pro choice and pro-life. Many argue that abortion is murder and others dispute that it’s your body and therefore should, be your choice. There have been, and will continue to be, many stories about teen pregnancies, women being raped and becoming pregnant, families who are simply financially unstable and of course women or families who either aren’t ready or don’t want a child.


If someone doesn’t want to read a book, they don’t have to. Imagine if laws were implemented that enforced everyone to read no matter what. Even though some might not have wanted a book or someone else bought it for them (referring to rape). It’s the same concept with abortion. If someone doesn’t want to have a child, they shouldn’t feel obliged to. People shouldn’t feel like they have to bring a child into the world if they are unwanted. It’s wrong for someone else to make a choice for someone else’s well being. They should be able to make their own decisions without any judgement or hate. It isn’t fair to make decisions based off of one’s view or way of thinking. Women should be able to make a choice not only in situation where their health or the babies health are at stake, but under any circumstance.


Personally I am pro-life. I do have a problem with abortion; I feel it is not only unfair to the parents, but the baby itself…you are taking a life. Some people will argue the fact that you’re taking a life, but I don’t believe there is anything to argue. The fact of the matter is that there is a living thing growing inside of you, and you’re taking that away from it, the ability for it to develop into a tiny human. I think abortion is a very cruel thing, people take advantage of the fact that it’s an option all the time, something they can always rely on if they need it. With saying that there are some scenarios where it could be necessary for someone to get an abortion, doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re killing a living thing, and that, in my opinion, is the most important factor. The life of the child. You would not want to bring a child into a bad environment and you would not want to let it suffer in any way. There are other options, no one is obligated to abort their child. As tough as it is, adoption is an option as well.  There are so many couples that are unable to have children that would be over the moon to adopt a child and give it the world. And as much as I hate the idea of abortion, there are some people that should not have children. With saying that some people make mistakes….  Things happen:  condoms, birth control, IUDs and other things that are supposed to prevent pregnancy don’t always end up working out the way people hope. Unfortunately, the option of getting an abortion is very…you could say “out there”. Those who take advantage of it are brutal, it’s just so so wrong. My mom once said to me “a child can’t raise a child”, and I haven’t heard anything more true than that.  As a teen, I do understand those young people who aren’t fit to have a child, and sometimes there are no other options. As hard as it may be, sometimes you just do what needs to be done.

However people view abortion there is definitely some common ground. People seem to be more lenient when a health issue, low rate for survival and rape are factors in the situation, because no mother wants to tell there child their father is a rapist, or, for instance, if a child is to be born with Anencephaly, a birth defect where the baby is not born with most parts and the brain, skull and skin. Infants with this condition do not usually live days after birth let alone hours. Although it should not be that way, whether people are trying for a baby or not they have to be prepared for the unexpected. No one wants to put themselves or child through any tough situation, and although abortions can be painful, it’s nothing compared to the pain people go through without it.