The Eighties Never Die….


Emma Luciw, Staff Writer

Picture this: A guy is walking through the hallways with a greased back mullet, acid wash denim jacket and jeans with a neon pink shirt. He’s carrying his books and listening to Queen on his Walkman. He walks up to his girlfriend who happens to be wearing a matching outfit with a neon pink scrunchie and an acid wash skirt. They’re standing together in a big group of friends. No one’s hypnotized by their phones and they’re all laughing and chatting together.

Ever since Netflix launched Stranger Things, the 80’s have been making a huge comeback. Outfits, aesthetics, home decor, accessories, and now movies and shows, are all deeply inspired by this decade. As someone who is obsessed with every decade but her own, the 80’s is by far one of the best. My favourite parts from the 80’s is the fashion, the music, and the culture. Some of the biggest 80’s influenced movies/shows are Stranger Things and Sierra Burgess is a Loser.

Although a lot of the fashion from the 80’s is very, very questionable, like neon colours, acid wash denim, and greasy mullets, some of it wasn’t half bad. Mom jeans, fanny packs, scrunchies, and windbreakers are making a huge comeback these past few years. The 80’s found a way of making the practical things trendy, and I’m honestly grateful for it. Big brand name stores these days are taking advantage of the new trends by labeling jeans “vintage” and charging $80 a leg.

The majority of the music in the 80’s is very upbeat because pop was becoming very popular. Huge influences were making a big impact in the industry. Michael Jackson, Queen, and Prince were some of the biggest artists, and still to this day are being appreciated. Music videos were starting up as well, MTV made its debut  and the very first video they played was “Video Killed The Radio Star” by The Buggles. This channel helped influence a lot of the art and culture in the 80’s.

The culture from this decade is the biggest influence on modern shows, and in real life too. Lots of people, especially millennials, are starting to really enjoy hands on electronics from older years. Vinyl, film, and books can be found in almost any young adult’s room. These things are part of the newer trend, which was definitely hugely influenced by Stranger Things and some other Netflix shows. The reason why our generation is so appreciative of the 80’s is because it gets us away from our phones for a minute to appreciate something we can actually touch. It’s also part of some people’s childhoods, and since it’s so interactive, it’s very appealing to our brainwashed lifestyles.Emma