The End of Adolescence


Artwork: Sawson Chalabi

This is it, it’s the year, the year where all the grade 12’s are supposedly launched into adulthood, a final send off pushing us all into the real world that’s consumed by taxes, bills, 9-5 jobs, and doing so called, “adult things”. But as I sit here and write this article my only thought that’s rolling through my head is, “am I even ready for highschool to end?” All our lives we’ve had a routine, wake up, get ready, eat breakfast, go to school. On repeat day after day. It almost makes you think, “what would I do without high school?”

When talking to peers from Kelowna Secondary and other schools across the valley. It’s obvious that no ones seems fully prepared to be launched into adulthood and the main reason is that many feel we weren’t shown the proper techniques in the whole realm of being an adult. In school, although we had planning 11 to help prepare us for the future, many still feel as though it’s not enough. Lots of grade 12’s want classes dedicated to teaching us all about taxes and applying for schools. Things that as we move into adulthood, most of us will need to know.

Classes on financial planning, budgeting for university, canadian laws,  and how to balance university and life. Things that as we move further into our adult lives things that will be beneficial. For myself, I know, that as I move further into the first month of school the more I begin to stress out about the year ahead. That’s why I question if I am ready for it to end. If I hadhad the proper classes and the proper techniques to feel confident in my abilities to move forward in my life after high school I would feel less stressed out and more ready to face the battles that are coming my way.

Although I am excited for the year ahead I’m also worried about leaving the safety of high school. And I’m sure others can relate. For all our lives we have lived in a bubble of school. Surrounded by peers and teachers. People who guide us and teach us to become the people we are. But what happens when school is stripped from us and all of a sudden we are on our own. Fending for ourselves, going from swimming in a pond to swimming in an ocean.

High school gives us a feeling of comfort. We come to school and know what to expect. Honestly, I still look around for the “big kids” in the hallway. But then I take a step back and think about it, and remember that I am the big kid. Yet why doesn’t it feel like it?

Will I see these people I’ve grown up with ever again? When everything ends,  the kidnappings, and the spirit days, formals and the proms. The teachers and the homework. And the seeing friends in the halls everyday. When that all ends.  What will we be? Will we be ready to adventure into the real world. Or are some of us stuck if the life of a high school student still.

The realization has struck me. It’s almost done. It’s almost over. From us saying, “I just can’t wait for it to end” to “wow, that happened fast”. This is our grade 12 year. Enjoy it while it lasts. Take every moment, good or bad. Take every spirit day and rock it the best you can. And enjoy the company that you surround yourselves with. This is grade 12. The launching year into adulthood. The end of adolescence.