Sight for Sore Eyes

Sight for Sore Eyes

Alice Arragain and Camille Bouvier, Guest Writers

Yash Gupta is a boy, who at 14 years old was inspired to collect eyeglasses for children in need because he broke his own corrective lenses and had to wait a week for a replacement pair. When Yash Gupta broke his glasses, he realised how hard it was to learn without them.

He read a statistic that stated over 12 million children around the world were living without the glasses they needed to see clearly, which prompted him to launch and create his sight learning organization that provides eyeglasses to students who need them but cannot afford them. It has now collected and distributed more than $1 500 000 dollars worth of used eyeglasses to students around the world in places such as Mexico, Honduras, Haiti and India.

In his career, he has served as the Dean of Business at four major research universities for over 17 years of his life. He has also held professorial and leadership positions in Canada and the United States for the last 30 years.  Through all his work, he has been described as a visionary,  and a innovative entrepreneurial leader.

Now, he is a hospitality professional, who’s curiosity to learn is moving him towards experiencing leadership positions with the industry leaders of our world.