A Week of Owlish Politics


Charlotte Hardy, Writer

Being grad president is a major achievement at KSS, the question most students ask though is; “is grad presidency a popularity contest or do students vote based on the ideas the candidates have?”

Popularity contest or not, our candidates this year had many great ideas and wanted to make our school a better place. Each candidate had different goals and issues they wanted to tackle.

Brandon Gray, also known as ‘B-Gray’, is a huge advocate for making our grad year as memorable as possible. “As grad president I am planning on making every single grad event really memorable and exciting. I want to make sure that we can think back to it years later and still have a great memory of what a good time it was,” Brandon tells me. “I’m definitely going to be working with the grad council. I think getting all the different opinions from all these different social circles around the school, will give me a great way to make sure everybody has fun.”

Along with wanting to make sure all grade twelve students feel wanted at grad events and have fun while being there, B-Gray has some important issues he is willing to try and tackle. “One thing that stands out to me is that the MPR is advertised as a place for all grades, (but) there’s still definitely a good amount of grade twelves taking up a majority off all the places in there. I just think that it should be more obvious that everybody is allowed to sit there.” Brandon is hoping to find some way around the stigma of the MPR and create some new places to hang out and eat lunch in.

Kymber Maxfield, the strong independent woman of the runnings, is a huge advocate for mental health awareness in our school, and rightly so. “I think it’s really important for our youth and our students to be able to communicate how they’re feeling and be able to find support within their peers. Its something I’m more than willing to work for its just finding a counselor, a teacher to help run the group,” she tells me during a phone call. Not only is Kymber out there caring for our grad class, but for all the years to come, “It’s a lot of pressure to become grad president, especially running by myself, but I really hope to be able to connect with our students and help our students connect with each other. I’m honestly just hoping to make the best of this year for our grads but also hopefully continue that on for our next grads and all the other students at our school.” Being a strong leader is a daunting task, but Kymber seems to have a handle of her platform. Drawing inspiration from her mother, and many other spirited woman in her life has helped her make the decision to go into this campaign. “My mum, she has always been a leader, … She likes to be the leader, take initiative and so I really connected with her as I made the choice to go into this.”

Claire Brucker and Gregor Smith are a strong team, they work well together and with the student body. Being charismatic and kind to all who are around them really imprints on people’s minds. When I asked them how they decided to run for co-grad presidents their story was pretty engaging. “We decided to run as a team because one April night I couldn’t fall asleep and I was thinking a lot about grade 12. At that very moment I decided to text Claire asking if she wanted to run with me as co-grad presidents. Claire was awake for some reason and immediately responded with yes, weeks later we started to plan our campaigning. We work well together because we both are caring people and can understand and work through our different opinions to create the best possible outcome.” Their campaign wasn’t a spur of the moment idea, it has been in the workings for a few months. Looking at all their options, they decided to take a different angle to things by hoping to involve our parents. “Our platform is to create an overall better high school experience for our grad class and future grad classes to come. We will achieve our goals by working hand in hand with the admins as well as the PAC.” The Parent Advisory Council of our school is a group of parents who want to help our high school years be the best they can be. The connection Claire and Gregor were wanting to create with them would have benefited everyone greatly in the long run.

Sadly, I couldn’t get our last campaign group to sit down for an interview with me. Karlen Speiser and Suraj Kiran also ran for co-grad presidents. This duo started campaigning later then everyone else, but that didn’t stop or discourage them in the slightest. Although many students view grad presidency as a popularity contest, our fellow classmate have many good ideas that are worth sharing. I hope everyone made an educated vote Friday and Monday in our elections, and are proud of our candidates. Running for grad president is no easy task, there are many challenging obstacles to overcome and perseverance is widely needed.  

Congratulations to our new grad president Brandon Gray (B-Gray), on becoming the newest leader of our school.