Logic’s ‘Bobby Tarantino II” a fantastic listen


Walt Mudie, Writer

Last march was a busy month for hip hop fans. Lil Yachty provided his highly anticipated sequel to his Lil Boat mixtape. YFN Lucci released his debut album, Ray Ray From Summerhill, which featured Offset, Meek Mill, and T.I., among other artists. But a certain March 9th release outshone the rest.

“Of course I love Logic. Who doesn’t love Logic? … The question is, are we talking mixtape Logic or album Logic?”, was how Morty from the TV Show Rick and Morty voiced his opinion on Logic during the opening track of his new mixtape, Bobby Tarantino II.

From 2009-2013, Logic built a name for himself by releasing a mixtape every year and continuing to prove his raw talent. His clever wordplay and sharp punchlines on tracks like “Live on the Air” and “Relaxation” appealed to old-schooled hip hop heads, while his smooth, classy vocals on tracks like “Man of the Year” and “All I Do” opened up his fanbase to people with a more poppy taste.

2014 and 2015 held Logic’s debut and sophomore albums (Under Pressure and The Incredible True Story, respectively).

These projects marked the end of Logic’s “Young Sinatra” era. On his mixtapes, Logic called himself the young Frank Sinatra because he emulated Sinatra’s signature classiness and smooth style very well. When fans realised that section of Logic’s career was over, it was bittersweet. Logic’s fanbase had grown to love Young Sinatra, but also knew his next move would drastically progress his career.

Fans ended up loving the storyline and his variety of styles on these projects. He rapped over old-schooled instrumentals, like on “Young Jesus”, and newer style trap beats, like on “Now”. Logic outlined his childhood and his rough journey to fame, and left fans guessing which way he’d go next.

In July of 2016 Logic released his 6th mixtape, Bobby Tarantino. The tape provided some classic summer bangers. Tracks like “Slave II” and “Wrist” (feat. Pusha T) gave fans just enough Logic to tide them over until the next album.

However, many fans and critics criticized Logic’s lack of lyricism and awareness on that project. Logic had always been known for his strong song concepts, so when he went for a more mainstream approach on Bobby Tarantino, his fans freaked out. So, naturally, Logic returned to his classic, aware approach with Everybody in May of 2017.

Everybody showcased Logic’s conceptual and lyrical ability once again, and told fans he had not forgotten about them. Songs like “1-800-273-8255” (feat. Alessia Cara & Khalid) and “Anziety” radiated originality in regards to conceptuality. With a quadruple platinum song under his belt (“1-800-273-8255”), fans couldn’t wait to see his next move.

March 9th, 2018 was the release date of Logic’s seventh mixtape, Bobby Tarantino II, and it was nearly out of nowhere. Despite 3 singles in the 2 weeks prior to its release, Logic didn’t announce Bobby Tarantino II until March 7th, 2 days before it came out.

At first, fans were very skeptical and hopeful it would not stroll down the same path Bobby Tarantino strolled down. All these hopes were met with flying colours.

Right off the bat, “Grandpa’s Spaceship” set the bar high featuring a nice piece of dialogue between characters Rick and Morty, from the accurately named show Rick and Morty, discussing which type of Logic they want to listen to. It was very interesting to see Logic’s self awareness towards his reputation of having a different persona on his mixtapes than he has on his albums. Rick and Morty decide they want to split the difference between his music with Bobby Tarantino II, and the mixtape begins.

This mixtape has great songs all over it. The party vibes Logic attempted to create come across just as intended, with almost every song putting your body in motion and forcing you to nod your head.

Numerous moments on this project are deadly earworms, such as the choruses on “Midnight” and “Contra”. Many other moments showcase Logic’s pure talent, whether it is his rapid-fire lyrics on “44 More or Warm It Up” (feat. Young Sinatra). Logic has always had a plethora of moments like these in his music. However, on this project, he goes above and beyond.

The main thing fans missed about “mixtape Logic” was his Young Sinatra persona featuring an old-fashioned approach regarding cadence and instrumentals. Finally, on this project, Logic shows off his listening skills on the song “Warm It Up” (feat. Young Sinatra).

The song shows its intentions right off the bat with a bouncy boom-bap (old-school) type drum break jumping in your face for the first ten seconds of the song. The melody and bassline kick in and Logic declares: “This that Young Sinatra s***, yeah this that Young Sinatra s***! Shut the f*** up and listen whenever Young Sinatra spit!” While that is slightly more aggressive than the classic Young Sinatra approach, Logic tells the listener he has not forgotten about his roots.

Logic glides his way through the instrumental, constantly repeating lines from his Young Sinatra mixtapes and taking listeners back in time. During the hook, the drums become modern trap-esque and Logic acknowledges that: “F*** that rap s***, this that trap s***!”

Other than “Warm It Up”, the stand-out tracks on Bobby Tarantino II were “Contra”, “Indica Badu” (feat. Wiz Khalifa), “Midnight”, “State of Emergency” (feat. 2 Chainz), and “44 More”.

There is one more unbelievable aspect of this mixtape. 6ix has always been one of Logic’s go to producers from the beginning of his career, but never before has he handled every song’s production on a full-length project. That’s exactly how Logic opted to handle this mixtape. 6ix’s trap-style productions shine above and beyond the typical trap-style instrumental, with driving 808 basslines and bouncy drums. Also, although only one song on this project (“Warm It Up” feat. Young Sinatra) features an old-school beat, he also shows he has mastered the creation of boom bap instrumentals.

Overall, Bobby Tarantino II is a fantastic listen. Vocally and instrumentally, this project leaves listeners hungry for more.

Ultra 85 is the fan-deduced title of Logic’s 4th studio album. From what is known now, it will be his next project, and nobody can wait to see how he approaches it.