“Failure: A Love Story” will not disappoint


Charlotte Hardy, Writer

Blunt object, Dissapearence, and Consumption are the three ways the Fail sisters die.

The Kelowna Secondary School’s Night Owl Theatre company is gracing us with their presence on stage this May. They are portraying the message behind the lives (and deaths) of the Fail family in Philip Dawkins, Failure: A Love Story. A story about love, death and how to move on. You can expect to see Reagen Knight on stage as Gerty, Isabella Graziotto as Jenny June and Alexa Rood as Nelly, as well as their brother John N Fail (Aidan Oorebeek) and their lover Mortimer Mortimer (Jeremy Ratt). You will also see Kylie Bikow and Olivia Solano live and in action as the gramaphones, keeping the timing of the show and setting the mood through song and dance.

Hours upon hours, have been dedicated to this show and it’s success. Creating an atmosphere where you can laugh, cry and feel everything in between. Dedacation not just by the cast, but by the crew and theatre classes as well.

The director Ms. Elliott, had her grade 10 drama class has even make their own mark in the show by helping with sets and props. Getting everything looking amazing for the shows starting May 2nd. The shows run until Saturday May 5th and are only $8 if you are a student or $12 if you are not. With the show starting at 7:00pm, you may want to arrive a little early to get good seats.