Mr. Mag the Magnificent


Juliette Patton & Megan Steinwandt, CT! Staff

Mr. Magliocchi, an English teacher who is still relatively new to Kelowna Secondary was born in Kamloops.  After finishing high school, he travelled for two years to a variety of locations within Canada. He has lived in southern Ontario, worked in Alberta, and now he lives in Kelowna. From slogging it out as a graphic designer to being a chef for twelve years, he has had a large variety of jobs before settling on becoming a teacher.  He claims, “I always felt I was going to be a teacher.”

Since leaving school, he has held different leadership roles and teaching positions, such as a university tutor. Teaching runs in the family, as his mother is also a teacher. Mr. Magliocchi originally studied in Kamloops, then got his masters degree in Thunder Bay, all the while working as a graphic designer to pay for schooling.

He deeply values connection with students.  “I really enjoy teaching the students more than anything else,” he said in a recent interview.  Just by chatting with the him you can see that he cares for his students and holds an positive view of those around him. “I don’t believe there’s even bad people,” he said.   “I believe everybody’s a good person and have the capacity to do well if you know how to reach them”. When we asked whether there had been any unfortunate incidents or troubling kids he stated impressively, “I don’t believe there is such thing as bad students, everyone learns in their own way”.  

Everything is a learning experience, you don’t get better unless you learn how to fail.”

— Magliocchi

Outside of school, Mr. Magliocchi is into wood carving and music. One of his dreams is to open a shop in his backyard to make furniture such as tables and chairs. His grandpa taught him as a little kid how to use his hands to carve and build things. “Everything is a learning experience,” Magliocchi points out.  “You don’t get better unless you learn how to fail.” He never gave up as a kid, and kept working to get better, and he continues to work at these hobbies to this day.

Currently Mr. Magliocchi indulges in tobacco pipe making for his friends as gifts, and he’s getting into wood figure carving. Mr. Magliocchi has always been a musician. He was a wedding band player for a while as a bassist. His grandparents seem to have been a very big part of his past, and he says that his grandma is the most entertaining living being on the planet.

In all, surprisingly, teachers aren’t just the robots we picture them to be in our heads; rather, like real HUMANS, they have their own thoughts and hobbies. Not just that, but Mr. Magliocchi has an impressive set of values. His thoughts on students and life learning are truly admirable.

While Mr. Magliocchi fits the image and role of a teacher, like each of us, he’s one of a kind.