Anonymous: The Robin Hood of the Web


Dylan Marshall, Writer, Political Analyst

Anonymous is a large group of hackers that has no leader and is a more a movement than an organization.

The name Anonymous has held an influential name since the early 2000s and still continues to this day. Anonymous has done many things since its conception and they continue to fight for a common goal: freedom. The freedom anonymous has in mind is a freedom from anything that interferes with human rights or that degrades human rights.

As an article in Bustle Online Mag states, “the name ‘Anonymous’ was inspired by the perceived anonymity under which users posted on 4chan. The group’s two symbols — the Guy Fawkes mask that they wear in public and the ‘man without the head’ image — both underscore the group’s inscrutability and lack of any formal leadership. Members of the group calls themselves ‘hacktivists,’ a word coined from the combination of hacker and activist. This title emphasizes the group’s desire to use their technological savvy for a specific purpose and cause.”

That said, Anonymous being so loosely formed means that the group is anything a member or members want it to be. Anonymous has made many cyber attacks on ‘bad’ people and organizations; the attacks have ranged from DDoS and other attacks on the servers. Even though they are so loosely spread around the world Anonymous have a very tight brotherhood and wont hesitate to protect one of their own. This also means they will get vengeance on any one who harms the movement.

Overall, Anonymous is a movement that has gone on for years and will most likely continue for years to come. They have been called cyber-terrorists because of some of the harsh things they have done to websites and companies. Many others view them as vigilantes doing what’s best for the Internet.

In any form, Anonymous is exactly what their name is, anonymous.  No matter how you look at them they are a force to be reckoned with, and they may always be there, for better or worse. The group that Anonymous has become is notorious for taking drastic action against large companies who have somehow disavowed the public.  Is that a bad thing?

Depends who you ask.