A Look into the Black Mirror


Emma Luciw, A & E Writer

Technology has developed so quickly over the past 10 years. We went from phone screens the size of our thumbs to the size of our faces. I can even text my mom without looking at my phone, or get to my friend’s house just using Snapchat. Even though it’s all very useful, it can become horrifying in the blink of an eye. The television series Black Mirror shows the scary parts of Artificial Intelligence and technology and their potential. And honestly, I’m terrified.

The Netflix original series is about situations in the near future, each episode containing a new developed piece of technology. The series is rapidly becoming popular and is referenced to daily, sometimes it’s even shown in school to show technology’s potential. Every episode is a whole new story, so for anyone who hates following shows religiously, this one’s for you. The show has so many crazy ideas that are crazy and even a little messed up, but my eyes are always glued to the screen.

I believe Netflix’s goal with the series is to bring awareness to technology. In the episode “Nosedive” Season 3 episode 1, everyone has a rating out of 5, and you’re rating can be raised or dropped significantly just by swiping your phone. The episode is very relatable because everyone is being rated and judged all the time but no one likes to talk about it, but this episode made it a reality. Netflix has a reputation for making great movies and shows, but they have an ever bigger reputation of touching on stuff no one is brave enough to talk about.