I,Tonya and New Perspectives


Alyssa Belisle, Witer

I,Tonya, directed by Craig Gillespie and initially released on December 8,  2017, is a film about a retired figure skater named Tonya Harding. Harding is most well known for being the first American woman to complete a triple axel during a competition in 1991, as well as for the incident involving the attack on Nancy Kerrigan, a fellow Olympic figure skater, in 1994. Margot Robbie stars as Tonya Harding alongside Sebastian Stan as Jeff Gillooly (Tonya’s husband/ex-husband) and Allison Janney as LaVona Golden (Tonya’s mother). I,Tonya fits into the movie genres of sports, drama, biography, and dark comedy and would be most suitable for mature viewers due to pervasive language, violence, and some sexual content/nudity.

I,Tonya is an interesting film which sheds light on Tonya Harding’s early life and the hardships she endured as well as the controversy she created on her pursuit to the top. Margot Robbie did an excellent job portraying Tonya Harding by really getting into character and fitting in with the time period. The movie showed a different point of view than what was shown in the media at the time of the incident which allowed viewers to gain an insight on the whole situation. I,Tonya shows the whole timeline from Tonya’s tragic backstory, to the incident, then the aftermath of the incident, one of the most infamous scandals in sports history. After Tonya’s father left she was stuck living with her strict and abusive mother. Harding is also shown struggling to fit in with the other skaters at competitions due to her image and the fact that she doesn’t have a wholesome American family. After the attack on Kerrigan takes place, viewers are shown how Tonya’s life and skating career is affected forever.

The fact that Margot Robbie learned and used four different accents in this movie to present Harding’s stages in life proves that she nailed the role. I would definitely rate this outstanding movie five stars. The perfect amount of humor and drama mixed with exceptional acting makes I,Tonya a must see movie for any mature viewers.