The Shawn Mendes Story

The Shawn Mendes Story


Sarah Jacquot, A&E

If you don’t know the name of ”Shawn mendes”, you literally are missing something! This 19-year-old talent is a singer-songwriter. Shawn was born in Toronto, Canada and became known in 2013 by posting Vines. He is self-taught, leraning guitar by watching videos on Youtube. His guitar accompaniment, voice and charm make him notable, an he quickly gained notoriety and conquered the hearts of his fans who are now number in the millions around the world.

After signing with Island Records he began he’s US tour. His song “Stitches” reached first place on Official Charts and the top 10 of Billboard Hot 100 and Canadian Hot 100. He’s song “Treat you Better” reached the top 10 of Billboard Hot 100. The singer was even part of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989 World Tour’ tour in 2015.

Shawn released his first songs under the name of The shawn Mendes EP and released his first full album Handwritten in 2015. He then released Illuminate and Live At Madison Square Garden in 2016. In November, 2017 he released a new surprise album called MTV Unplugged.

Live at Madison Square Garden allows us to discover his songs in a more vibrant and real way, and transports us to a live venue, as if we were there. It’s a beautiful way for fans to feel closer to Shawn and to and his voice, the live emotion.

Here are the songs that are on the new Shawn Mendes MTV Unplugged album:

• “The Weight” (Josh Grant / Scott Harris / Shawn Mendes) – 3:56
• “Treat You Better” (Teddy Geiger / Scott Harris / Shawn Mendes) – 4:17
• “Lights On” (Scott Harris / Shawn Mendes / Geoffrey Warburton) – 4:32
• “I Don’t Even Know Your Name/Aftertaste/Kid in Love/I Want You Back” (Scott Harris / Berry Gordy, Jr. / Shawn Mendes / Alphonso Mizell / Freddie Perren / Deke Richards / Martin Terefe / Geoffrey Warburton / Emily Warren / Ido Zmishlany) – 7:16
• “Bad Reputation” (Scott Harris / Shawn Mendes / Geoffrey Warburton) – 5:12
• “Ruin” (Scott Harris / Shawn Mendes / Zubin Thakkar / Geoffrey Warburton / Ido Zmishlany) – 7:53
• “Life of the Party” (Scott Harris / Ido Zmishlany) – 3:19
• “Three Empty Words” (Scott Harris / Shawn Mendes / Geoffrey Warburton / Ido Zmishlany) – 4:05
• “Don’t Be a Fool” (Scott Harris / Shawn Mendes / Geoffrey Warburton) – 4:51
• “Mercy” (Teddy Geiger / Ilsey Juber / Shawn Mendes / Daniel Parker) – 4:23
• “Never Be Alone/Hey There Delilah” (Scott Harris / Tom Higgenson / Shawn Mendes / Glen Scott / Martin Terefe) – 6:12
• “Stitches” (Teddy Geiger / Daniel Kyriakides / Daniel Parker) – 6:37