KSS Football All–Stars


Lucus Spencer & Joel Pontalti, Sports

The KSS Owls senior boy’s football team has had an overall tremendous season with a record of 3-3 comparing to last year’s 0-7. They have managed to make it to this year’s playoffs and in the process built a very strong group of young men to lead them in this journey. Two of those young men Kyle Zakala and Tyler Klotzbach have made a name for themselves by being put on the eastern conference all-star team.

Zakala, selected as an all-star receiver, also played as an offensive and defensive lineman and as a kicker. In three games at receiver, the 6-foot-6, 230-pounder caught nine passes for 175 yards while scoring three touchdowns.

Klotzbach, a 5-foot-8 linebacker, leading the team in tackles with 31 was one of only four Grade 11s selected to the Eastern Conference’s defensive all-star team and has a bright future in the game.
These two young men seem to definitely have a future in the game of football if they keep up the intensity and keep looking for inspiration to keep on going. Kyle as a senior has definitely made a name for himself going up to the next level and will make a great contribution to whatever team he plays for next.

As for Tyler Klotzbach, he has a grade 12 senior season to be looking forward to and will most likely make the most of it, using this all-star spot as something to strive off of and propel his career.