Now What?

Now What?

Aleah Estey, Grad

What are you going to be when you grow up? This one question is asked over and over again since elementary school, but once you’re in high school it becomes a much more important question.

For the lucky few who have had their lives mapped out since middle school the question is simple, but for the wide majority who have absolutely no idea what we’re doing, it’s a daunting thought. KSS has put in place a whole course to help demonstrate what jobs are suited for students and how to budget money. As a student who has completed the course and still has no clue what to do after graduation, I feel that the course needs to be altered to fit the needs of the students more.

Planning 11 is a mandatory course that all grade 11 students are required to take, but for most of the course students watch meaningless videos and create life maps all things that will not help students in the future. Some of the topics covered are actually useful; however, those topics are only covered for a week or two which is not nearly enough time.

For example, teenagers for the most part have no comprehension of how to live without their parents, or how to take care of taxes, electricity bills and everyday costs. These are subjects that should be covered in depth. Students will be leaving home and moving to a whole new place or even country for the first time without even the basic understanding of how to budget and maintain a home or apartment.

I fully realize that teachers have a curriculum to cover. I think seeing as one of the biggest projects that graduating students have to complete is the MAP presentation that is focused on what students plan to do after high school that there should be extra time spent making sure that those jobs are truly the ones students are passionate about. There are school employed counselors to help students find a path to take, but for those people who truly have no clue what they want to do and haven’t quite found what they’re passionate about yet, talking with a counsellor can be a very intimidating process.

Graduation is something that every kid dreams about, but what comes after the cap and gown is what is unclear for so many.