Climbing Club anyone?


Joel Ponalti, Sports

Rock climbing is a very unique sport. It works out the entire body and the mind, while teaching important lessons. Climbing teaches one to be humble, yet determined, and the ability to assess and calculate risk. These are lessons I feel are important, but unfortunately school fails to teach us. They can get one farther in life than remembering some useless formula can. But how do you integrate the lessons of rock climbing into a school curriculum?

The simplest answer would be to integrate some sort of climbing club into the school. The club would teach the skills of climbing and encourage a healthy lifestyle. The club would be a safe place for any kid to come and enjoy the sport.

The club would need a teacher or group of teachers dedicated to helping build the club, along with a group of enthusiastic students. The club would need money to build a wall, a class for the wall to be in, crash pads and people willing to do construction. This process would need lots of support but the effort would come with years of great enjoyment and education.

Climbing is a beautiful sport that so many will never try. This club would open up the opportunity to teach people to climb and could potentially have kids going on field trips to climb outside. A climbing club is no new idea in a school as some schools even have climbing walls in their gyms. I think KSS is the best school in the Okanagan as it offers so many amazing classes, clubs, and opportunities so why not add a new one?