Robb Nash: Music with a Purpose

Robb Nash: Music with a Purpose

Huffington Post Canada

Many people say music is a universal language. Musicians make music for plenty of reasons, and for Robb Nash he does it for others.

Robb Nash started out as a normal high school student, but one day while driving the car he was in he was hit by a semi-truck. He was discovered with a smashed skull, no pulse and injuries so bad he was pronounced dead at the scene. Against all odds his pulse and vitals returned suddenly. After he was resuscitated he eventually recovered after long rehabilitation.

While Nash was doing his rehab he started to develop suicidal thoughts. After he got over his suicidal thoughts he decided that he was going to help others with depression, suicidal thoughts, and overall mental health with music. To this day The Robb Nash Project has gone to 1250 schools and Robb Nash has had over 600 students hand over suicide notes to him; with every suicide note Robb Nash has tattooed the name of the person on his arm.

Robb Nash has used his music to touch people, and in today’s schools, depression and mental health issues are becoming more common every year. Change isn’t easy, but Robb Nash has decided to try to make a difference with his music. His message is so important, and his music really relates to the feelings that you get when you are struggling. The changes he has brought to people are inspirational. These changes are made through music.