Long Live the World of Jazz!


Tatjana Texeira, A&E

Welcome to the under appreciated world of jazz music. Some think of it as elevator music or background music for awkward work parties. Do people really know what jazz is though?

An underrated style of music is making a come back as students are learning how important this music is. A language, a bonding experience, like a family, jazz can be relied upon and loved.

YourStory.com says “Morphed and mashed up with forms of music around the world to produce an astonishing array of genres, forms of jazz include acid jazz, African jazz, ambient jazz, avant-garde jazz, bebop, big band jazz, bossa nova, Cape jazz, chamber jazz, club jazz, cool jazz, Cubop, dixieland, electro jazz, gypsy jazz, Indo jazz, jazz funk, jazz fusion, Latin jazz, modal jazz, nu jazz, post-bop, punk jazz, reggae jazz, ska jazz, smooth jazz, straight-ahead jazz, swing, West Coast jazz and world jazz!” They summed up the wide variety of music there is within the genre of jazz, the most expressive and unique styles of music.

Like a child, Jazz was born and raised, feeding off musicians’ ideas and creativity. Born in New Orleans, musicians who shared possibly nothing in common except their passion for music would bond over their love for the swinging music we’ve come to call jazz.

The talent it takes a person to play jazz is ridiculous. One person would take a turn then pass ideas to the next, each person moving further into the song, eventually having it return to the melody just to break off into variations again. Building off of scales and chords, people create this music. Talented musicians take letters off of a page and build melodic phrases, soothing or breathtaking masterpieces. Then they don’t even stop there; they build off of it creating alternate melodies and sections while still following the main course of action. It’s like a battle of ideas, being tossed around from one person to another, each person working for themselves. So like a lot of the best things in life, it’s underrated, but jazz is one of the best things in life. We’re not giving up. Jazz has been around for over one-hundred years, and it isn’t leaving us now.