Me, too….


Miranda Lutes, News Writer

#MeToo is a movement that started ten years ago in a counsellor’s office when a patient told her counsellor that she had been sexually abused. Her counsellor told her she could not continue seeing her as it had happened to her too. It did not become popular until this past year when someone tweeted a story about abuse and hash tagged it #MeToo. Since this happened, many people around the world have been answering to this with their stories and it has turned into a movement spreading awareness about sexual harassment and assault. The reason this is such an important issue to focus on because it happens more than people think not only in high school but in day to day life. I’ve taken a large interest in this because it happened to me and it still is.

When people call you names as you walk down the street or when someone touches you where you do not exactly want to be grabbed or groped, it can be classified as many things including sexual assault and sexual harassment. Lots of people do not realize that cat calling is a form of harassment and that people do not like it. People who cat call are the reason many people are afraid to walk home from school or work alone not only at night but during the day too. People only usually talk about females getting harassed but it happens to males a lot more often than we think.

Male sexual abuse happens more than people think it happens. Yes, people, not only in Hollywood, but everywhere in media is talking about sexual assault cases against men, but nobody ever talks about cases that involve men when they are victims. When people ask “do you know a man who has been assaulted”, I say yes, because I do. Many people do not believe me when I say this but I do not let that bother me. I brush it off and tell myself that they do not want to believe me because they are either to ignorant to realize it, it may have happened to them and they do not want to come to terms with it yet, or they have assaulted someone. With the recent accusations against Melanie Martinez people are actually realizing that anyone can sexually assault and harass people.

The #MeToo movement is such a big movement and it affects many people. This has gotten so big that on the cover of Time magazine a group of people who call themselves the Silence Breakers where chosen as the person of the year. This is very fitting as that is all media and people around the world are talking about. The cover photo is very inspiring as there are five women and an unidentified person with their arm and shoulder in the corner to represent that it could not only happen to anyone, but sometimes people will not say anything because they are afraid of what might become of it. The cover made people around the world much more aware of how much this happens not just as adults, but in high schools to.

From a recent poll put out on the Censor This! Website, out of 105 voters, seventy eight know a victim of sexual assault or harassment, fifty seven have been a victim, forty two know an offender, forty one have witnessed it happen, and nine voters have covered for an offender. Now since there is no way to tell if people lied or did not tell the full truth, this may not be completely accurate. Although the numbers are still quite high for a high school, and there is a high possibility that people who did not vote who have been assaulted. This is a scary thought because that poll is mostly based off the student body at KSS and having numbers like that is not okay.

When people blame girls for thing like that and say thing like” what where they wearing? “Or” where you drunk? “Or “you never said no” it disgusts me that that is the first thing they think of. If someone tells you something that personal, I can bet it took a lot of courage to tell you and if you respond like that chances are they will never tell anyone else. Speaking from my experience and from stories I have heard, if someone gets a negative response the first time they muster up enough mental strength to tell someone, they will be scared to tell other people so they keep it to themselves and that never ends well. Instead of girls being taught to cover up, we should be teaching boys and men of all ages to respect women and not just think of them as objects. We should be telling everyone around the world what consent is and how it works, not just expect people to know how it works and what it is. We need to get a better education around this subject and we can hopefully bring the rate of assault and harassment down!