Review: “All I Really Need to Know, I Learned by Being in a Bad Play”


Tatjana Texeira, A & E Writer

Doors opened at 6:30 at the KSS Night Owl Theatre marking the beginning of opening night. An hour of talented actors and crew made everything worth it.

“Everything I Really Need to Know I Learned by Being in a Bad Play” was a unique play filled with humorous moments. The show spoke to the struggles actors and crew face while preparing for, in this case, “A Bad Play”.  Several essential elements helped to make it an entertaining show:  the rule of three came into play with the line “oh flapjacks”; actors broke the fourth wall effectively, and, clearly, voice projection practice paid off.  Set in an alleyway, the play was skilfully blocked to involve a split audience.

Perfectly cast actors such as Jeremy Ratt, Alexa Rood, Paige Berrigan, Bella Graziotto, and many more graced the room with their talent and the culmination of weeks of hard work.   Kudos go to Mrs. Elliot and the cast for putting on a flawless performance, each person staying true to their character, despite a quirky script that begged actors to push outside normal boundaries.

The ‘smooth jazz’ came on Saturday night, marking the end of an adventure. An exhausted cast and crew gathered on the bleachers waiting for there beloved teacher to come and get the cast party started. Four successful shows, ending a seemingly endless chain of hours spent working in the drama room.

“Everything I Really Need to Now I Learned by Being in a Bad Play” will go down in the annals of the NightOwl Theatre as anything BUT a bad play.  e.