The Beauty of Birkenstocks


By Emma Luciw, What's Trending

Birkenstocks are one of Mankind’s most brilliant and comfortable creations. Although some trends, like UGGs, or Yeezys, are impractical, and let’s face it, a little ugly. Birks are very pleasant and super practical. The two-strap version of the shoe is by far the trendiest pair of the shoe brand. About 80% of people I know have Birkenstocks, and 95% of those people own two-straps.

The reason the two-strap Birks are so popular is pretty clear. They’re so concrete and incredibly comfortable. They offer great support and help with your posture, and put an end to bad knees. Most people think they’re only for the summertime, but you can easily slip a pair on with warm socks and you’re good to go for any season! But if you’re really not into socks and sandals, the company offers boots and closed toed shoes. If you’re looking for a fancier shoe for a wedding or prom, the thong pair are a great choice. They’re just slightly classier and more thin slimming to your feet. Sadly, it’s a lot harder to wear the thong Birks all year round, and it’s very hard to pull off. Also, the thong pair is a bit difficult to break-in, and I’ve had multiple blisters over the three years I’ve owned my pair. The two-strap Birkenstocks are much easier to break into, and I’ve only gotten a couple blisters for the three months I’ve had my two-strap pair.

The only downfall to Birkenstocks, is the price. An average pair of Birkenstocks goes for about $105.00 (CAD), which is actually a lot more inexpensive than other shoe brands. With Birkenstock, you get what you pay for, and more. An average pair of UGGs is $271.00 (CAD), and an average pair of Yeezys is $639.29 (CAD). Another downside to Birkenstocks could be the use of leather for some people. The company does make a lot of shoes each year, so that’s a lot of real leather used. But thankfully the company has offered many vegan options, so they can accommodate to everyone.

Birkenstocks are honestly the best shoe brand there is. They’re just so practical and comfortable. You can easily wear them all year round, and to any event imaginable. I unquestionably recommend Birkenstocks to everyone, and they’re definitely much better than some other shoe brands. A lot safer, inexpensive, and useful.