The ‘new’ kid on the block

The ‘new’ kid on the block

Charlotte Hardy, Writer

Being the ‘new kid’ is hard, but being the ‘new kid’ filling the role that was once filled by Anne-Marie Holmwood is even harder. Doryan Elliott is a strong-willed mother of two, who has a love for teaching. She has journeyed on a long winding road to become the amazing teacher she is.

“I realized…with some pressure from my parents and various other things, that maybe [going into the arts] wasn’t going to be the right career…so I looked to other interests, and I’m very interested in the outdoors and working outdoors and science. That’s kind of another world…” In the end, however, she followed her heart and found her way back to the arts, where she belongs.

Going from the arts to science then back to the arts, Elliott is a very hardworking person who perseveres to get to where she wants to be. She teaches her students that anything is possible if you work hard enough for it. Her students look up to her in many ways. The role model she is will forever be imprinted in her students minds.

“Mrs. Elliott has been one of the most important role models in my life.” says Ren Fournier, a theatre student who has known her since 2013. “One of the many things she has taught me is that being negative gets you nowhere in life, and that if you at least try to put a positive spin on things you’ll start to feel better overall.”   The impact Elliott makes on her students is powerfully clear.

Mrs Elliott tries to maintain a healthy balance between home life and school life.  That said, theatre is a labour of time and love, and while she puts family first, she understands the commitment it takes to stage a great play.

Her dedication and enthusiasm are admired by many. When her heart and mind are set on something, you know she will put her all into it. Being the new kid is hard, being the new teacher is even harder, but Mrs Elliott is up for the challenge and is taking it head on.