“Me to We” taking place in Kelowna

Me to We taking place in Kelowna

Olivia Hunchak, Staff Writer

On September 16th, members of our community flocked to the Kelowna Community Theatre for a once in a life time opportunity to hear Me to We co-founder Craig Kielburger speak about his organization, and Kelowna’s newest organization “We Are Kelowna”. For those who aren’t aware of what Me to We is, it’s a for-profit social enterprise founded in 2008 by Canadian brother’s marc and Craig Kielburger. Within the organization there are different branches dedicated to helping citizens all over the globe in a variety of ways.

The two brothers also created We Day, an annual event that takes place all over the globe. This event brings kids from all over the province to Vancouver BC for a spectacular concert with camos from tons of celebrities. All who are trying to make our earth a better place to be. These kids and teens learn how to get involved in differing charities around the globe, the province, and our own communities.

Imagine Rodgers arena full to the brim with kids and teens from all over the province on a mission to change the world. We are Kelowna is going to be about just that. It will be an organization dedicated to making Kelowna a better place. But not only teens and kids are invited to join. This charity will be for all ages focusing on a variety of issues in our community.

We are set to see “We Are Kelowna” take action sometime in the near future. Craig said during his presentation that he hopes to see “We Are Kelowna” implemented in schools across the Okanagan. But while we wait for “We Are Kelowna” to take and secure its spot in Kelowna, there are plenty of ways to get involved and contribute to helping the community and making it a better more beautiful place to live.

For more information on the Me to We organization visit https://www.metowe.com and for more information on how to get involved and make an impact in our community please visit https://www.kelownanow.com/business_directory/listings/Government-Community-Municipal-Organizations/Charity-Organizations/