Something beautiful: The power of poetry


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A soft blue memory

Charlotte Hardy, Writer

The thoughts running through my mind
end up on my paper.
My heart and soul pour out.
There is no stopping it.

The poetry forms with meaning to.
The formatting spills out into the page.
Power and persistence on my topic moulding the minds of those who read it.

My opinion works it’s way into your heart
Pulling on the strings to make you care.
Halfway through the poem you are captivated.
You are my puppet to mould.

Whatever I say goes.
After the poem is written no one else’s opinion matters.
The feeling and storytelling traps you.
There is no escape from this new world you have entered.

I play with your emotions.
Making you feel what I feel
Sending shivers down your back with the stories I’ve told.
Making you want to read more.

A whole new world to explore
One to delve into
One to be held captive by the power of words
Heart and soul poured into the piece.

Each piece has a different story to tell
Lessons learnt of love and joy
Heartbreak and sorrow.
All making each person stronger.

When you finish reading.
The poem will sit with you for days on end.
Eating away at your heart
Making you question your existence.

Poetry has the power to change minds
Pulling you in
Educating many on the topic of which the poet cares.
Poetry is like a plant
Someone places a seed into your mind
It grows into something beautiful.