Field of Screams: Halloween Fun at O’Keefe Ranch


Anik Riedel, Writer

On Wednesday October, 11th 2017, a lot of our international students went on the October Field Trip to O’Keefe Ranch in Vernon, BC. We met at 5:00 pm at Orchard Park Mall and an hour later we arrived on the ranch.

At O’Keefe Ranch we met international students from MBSS, OKM, KLO, Dr. Knox, Springvalley Middle School and RSS. First we got some snacks; a hot dog, chips and a soft drink. After having our snack we started our tour at 7pm through the cornfield. There were two mazes to choose from, and we went in small groups through them.

We stopped in front of a small house where we had to wait until the “pumpkin man” opened the door to enter the Field of screams. Once the door is open, the adventure begins. In the cornfield there were zombies, among other spooky characters, some of which would jump out of the corn maze to startle you. In some places in the cornfield there were small houses, for example in one house there was a girl on a bed full of blood and in another house there was a man sitting without a head. In the cornfield we saw a man with a chainsaw. After the exciting tour we took the school bus back at 8pm back to the Orchard Park Mall.

The ranch was founded in 1876, and shows the history of ranching in BC. On the ranch you can visit a rose garden and St. Anne’s Church, visit artisans, view antique farm equipment, see ancient bread farm animals, and you can see intricate model railway at the Greenhow Museum. They also offer pony and horse rides. At the end you can visit the gift shop. You can celebrate your event there for example your wedding, and you can also have sleepovers on the campground.