Open Mic Poetry – KSS Wordsmiths are in the house Oct. 27th


Benedict Voegeli, A&E

Three years ago, Ms. Trina Manca, KSS Librarian, started the first Open Mic with just a few poets only one year after she spoke the first time on stage herself. After lots of positive feedback she continued spoken word for another half year, until last year, she and her fellow poets did monthly presentations all year long.

Unfortunately, most of the student regulars from last year have now graduated, so the first Open Mic happening on Friday, October 27th in the library at lunchtime will be with a whole new poet set. Everyone is welcome.

At these events, you don’t have to perform on stage, you also can attend to watch other people perform. It also doesn’t matter if you perform poems written by yourself or by others. It’s just important that you enjoy it!

There won’t be a real order, you just step up to the mic when the muse dictates. The little breaks between the different performances are part of the flow of the whole Open Mic Poetry setting.

So come, enjoy the poets and performers, and enjoy watching as they grow and develop their craft. Try it out, and join the the other Wordsmiths at their Open Mic Poetry in the library at lunch on Friday, October 27.