Lilly Ogilvie: Not Just the Average KSS Student

It all started at the age of four when, Lilly Ogilvie got on her first dirt bike and instantly fell in love. Dirt biking is her passion. She lives for the thrill. Lilly’s dad Glen McCully, is the one who first got her on a dirt bike; he has been riding since he was sixteen.

Lilly’s dad has been going up to the same track for years, and now he takes Lilly and her three brothers Jackson, Parker, and Nick there too. They go up to Kelowna Dirt Biking Club in Bear Creek. Lilly goes up to the track every Sunday, and on race weekends she will stay the night at the track. She participates in women’s races and places very well. She has acquired five trophies and countless memories. She has made many friends at the track that have the same love for dirt biking she has.

Dirt biking can be a very dangerous sport, so to prevent herself from getting hurt she wears special gear. Lilly wears pants with padding called gear pants. She wears shin pads, a chest protector, padded gloves, boots, and a motor cross helmet.
Lilly has recently gotten a larger bike. She used to ride a 125cc Kawasaki but has upgraded to a 144cc Kawasaki. It is the same bike but has a different motor which makes the bike more powerful, but unfortunately harder for her to ride. She has had to learn all the gears again and needs a little help getting her bike off its stand, but when you see her on the bike you wouldn’t even notice. All you see is the happiest girl doing what she loves, no matter the cost.